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Are parenthood co stars dating

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She goes back to work to support her family during her husband's unemployment, then quits, but goes back to work after Adam tells her that Rachel, his assistant at the recording studio, kissed him.She forgives him for this transgression, despite Adam's refusal to fire Rachel.

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She is an artist and also shows herself to be very capable domestically, striving to keep her family happy and peaceful.She fights it by the season finale, prompting her and Adam to take a well-deserved trip to Hawaii. She also is asked to run Bob Little's campaign for Mayor of Berkeley.She rejects his offers and announces her campaign for the same office.In the first season it is revealed that he made a bad investment, causing his wife, Camille, and him financial hardship. He doesn't get along with his mother, Blanche, who turns 86 in season three, which means that she was about seventeen when Zeek was born, as he would have been 69 in season three.Zeek's health begins to decline throughout season 6, enduring two hospital stays.After The Luncheonette is broken into and robbed, Adam steps away from the business.

After receiving an offer to re-enter the corporate world, Adam finds his passion in running Chambers Academy after Kristina begins working on opening more schools.

The show revolves around the Braverman family, which has expanded to five generations, featuring patriarch Zeek Braverman and matriarch Camille Braverman, their oldest son Adam, his wife and three children, their daughter Sarah and her two children, their second son Crosby, his wife and their young son and infant daughter, and finally their daughter Julia, her husband and her daughter and son. Nelson) is the patriarch of the Braverman family, Camille's husband and the father of Adam, Sarah, Crosby, and Julia.

He has dabbled in various careers, including being a soldier in Vietnam having graduated from West Point in the class of 1962 (although he is shown telling his grandson Max about going into basic training at Ft.

After Zeek's death, she is shown as having traveled to France to the place where Zeek had planned to take her as a surprise in an earlier episode.

As she is shown in other scenes in the finale's final montage, she returns from her trip at some unknown point.

Official material from NBC characterises her as a "wise and quietly forceful woman who loves her husband and children deeply and with incredible strength." While she is always caring and nurturing, she can be high-strung and worried at times, perhaps as a result of raising a son with Asperger's syndrome.