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Diana from glee dating

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With her dark hair scraped under a brown baseball cap borrowed from her royal beau, she looked just like any other young woman heading for the shops.The three-storey Whole Foods Market store near the Palace, which she popped into just over a year ago, may have been chosen because she is familiar with the American-owned shop back home in Los Angeles.

For his part, Harry's failure to convert either of his previous long-term romances into anything permanent weighed on his mind before he met Meghan.Harry, on the other hand, could afford to take his time, in the knowledge that normal conventions would not apply.Diana, who also daydreamed about a new life in America, believed he could marry someone from any background or corner of the earth. She hoped both boys would spend some time as young adults living in the U.The three-up, three-down property is directly opposite Apartments 8 and 9 where Harry grew up with his mother.As well as a sitting room, it has a dining room and separate kitchen. Unlike in Harry's childhood home, however, there is no room for live-in staff so the privacy will suit the couple down to the ground.According to a former royal bodyguard, the police post would have been informed she should be allowed to proceed without any checks.

The spirited confidence that allowed Meghan to venture out from Kensington Palace on a casual shopping expedition was further evidence of part of her appeal to the Prince, who is three years her junior.

And it is within the grounds of Kensington Palace that they will begin their married life.

Nottingham Cottage, cosy and decorated in the style of a country retreat — there is even an open fire in the drawing room — is the perfect love nest.

Likewise, when Diana had visitors they often arrived under false names or were hidden from view under a blanket in the back of a car.

At least one of the Princess's lovers was frequently smuggled in and out of the palace curled up in the boot of a car driven by her former butler, Paul Burrell. Notably, there has been no attempt to deceive or evade the media.

Meghan walked openly past the Palace's tight security.