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Exclusive 79 online dating guide only sold to 25 people

exclusive 79 online dating guide only sold to 25 people-8

Mike Evans, a 70-year-old retired PR company owner from London, agrees.

People like shop worker Zoe Oakes who discovered the £79 had been taken last month.‘When I got home, I rang Amazon and they told me I’d signed up for a 30-day free trial at the end of November.‘The man on the phone was very apologetic and refunded the money.But that’s not the point and it’s put a real dampener on my faith in Amazon — you don’t expect a big, established company to behave like that.’Kirsten isn’t alone in feeling hard done by.If they do not, then they are automatically enrolled and £79 is taken from whatever credit or debit card is registered to the site.When she complained, she was refunded the money less £6 (no explanation was given for the deduction and Sue didn’t pursue it with Amazon) and then had to wait days for it to be returned to her account.‘I’d been planning on driving down to Essex to deliver Christmas presents to my partner’s elderly parents,’ said Sue, who lives in Peterlee, County Durham.‘But I had earmarked the money they took to pay for the petrol.

Initially, its main draw was the fact it offered unlimited free next-day delivery.

Start your 30-day free trial today and watch as much as you want.’The ASA agreed.

It said: ‘We did not consider that that information was sufficiently prominent to make clear the extent of the commitment consumers must make to take advantage of the offer.

The gift duly arrived as promised and Kirsten, 30, thought no more of it.

Until, that is, she checked her bank balance a few weeks ago only to discover that Amazon had taken a further £79 from her account.‘I simply couldn’t understand it,’ she said.

‘I was racking my brains to try to work out what it could be for and phoned them up and demanded they tell me.