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Girls poli chating kannada

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I simply go because it comes and find out where things go.[BR]I am pittsburgh chat sex women who need money hear down the sink any bodys time, i am not for your charge card particulars either Thank you for takin time to prevent by...[BR]In case your likely to message me plse take time to read my profile!!!BEEN LIVING IN ENGLAND SINCE 1992, WORKING FOR A LOGISTIC CO AS OPERATIONS MANAGER. Not to mention Masala Dosa, Parota, Ideal Ice Cream and all those packed city busses. kudla city wah wah, kudla da ponnu wah wah, hampankatta wah wah, rampa jokes wah wah, east or west kudla is the best!!! Hi gals & guys, This site gives an oppurunity for us to reach people " dear and near ones from God blessed land KUDLA " lets us explore the same .. You will definetly Long to visit the same , fun loving people, cute females & decent guys.. wish to hear from my old friends and also new friends are equally welcome.. Hey, I just wrote in for the heck of it and was surprised that such a site existed. I was born and brought up in Kuwait but proud to be an Indianand a Karnatakan. COLLEGE (MANGALORE UNIVERSITY) MANGALORE - 1985DEAR MANGALOREANS, ASSALAMALIKUM AND NAMASKAR I LIKE MANGALORE AND I LOVE PEOPLE OF MANGALORE. Only in America..we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and leave useless things and junk in boxes in in the garage...... Dharwad 1988I am thrilled to know the possibilities of getting contact from this website. government official (International trade) School : Christian High School, Udupi (1954) College : Bhandarkar's Arts and Science College, Kundapura (1992) Degree : B. Hello kudlaites It's realy great to have our own site on the web. please..., Do not make this beautiful city a garbage yard.

Hi Friends, wherever you be, what ever you may be don't forget your respect the culture where you born and brought up. So anyone with great Mangi recipes please do email me the same. It's one of the most interesting &informative site. AND MOREVER THOUGH I HAVE NOT BEEN TO MANGALORE FOR A LONG TIME IT IS THE BEST PLACE IN THIS WHOLE WORLD. SHAHID WITH ALLAHA HAFEES & NAMASKARAProfession: COMPUTER PROGRAMMER School : MILAGRES HIGH SCHOOL, MANGALORE - 1996 College : MILAGRES JUNIOR COLLAGE, MANGALORE - 1998 Degree : B-COM, MANGALORE UNIVERSITY, ST. Philomena High School (1981), College (1986), Puttur College : M. Chemistry, Mangalore University, Mangalore(1988) Degree : Ph. Chemistry, TIFR, Bombay, 1994Profession: Software consultant School : Government High school & Vijaya College Mulki(SK), 1979 College : NIE, Mysore and BITS, Pilani Degree : B. S.(software systems) 1994Mangalooru/SK is a picturesque place on the earth and Mangaloreans are known to be friendly, brilliant, tolerant and enterprising by nature. Profession: Product Designer, Eagle Flasks, Talegoan School : Vidyadayini High School, Surathkal (1985) College : Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal (1987) Degree : BE-Mechanical, KREC, Surathkal (1992) M. It's one of the most interesting &informative site. I believe the e-mail media is just right to be associated with the people of Mangalore who are known for their rich culture and heritage. Although I was born in Kuwait, and lived here all of my life, I visit mangalore once every two years, and love the quiet and peaceful life out there. Would love to make new friends :-)( Only in America ) Only in America..a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance... I came into this planet on 9th day of November............ I stay in Mangalore Which is a Part of Karnataka State. My favorite topic to discuss is Information Technology. I will like my friends who have support me to study " Color, Cast, Creed, Face or body does not make any difference to me.It'll be a great experience to get to know you all, guys. Namaskara hi there, I am young and cute looking mangalore based gal seeking discreet but a safe relation. If interested drop me a line with ur full details and with ur picture if poosible ..... My husband has a film production company - Movie Media - in Dubai currently focusing on the corporate, business and industrial sectors. Office 2000 (MS Word, MS, Power Point, MS Excel, MS. Access) 2) Internet Technologies (Html, Java Script, Dhtml, CSS, Dream Weaver, Front Page.) 3) Graphics and Animation Packages (Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks, GIF Animator.) 4) Corel Draw. Mostly Manglore peoples are beautiful, Generous and Helping nature.. INTERNET IS THE PLACE WHERE PEOPLE CAN KNOW EACH OTHER FROM THEIR HOME. iam really deligted by seeing an site for manglorean,s. This site will definitely help in bringing together like minded Mangaloreans in building, developing and maintaining a clean and green Mangalore. We should join hands in preserving the sereinity, cultural diversity and heritage of our beautiful Mangalore. Visit Uppoor to meet the great Lewis' (they'll either make you laugh or cry), eat good goli baje and beef in the tiny hotels (Laxmi? I am Fine Art Professional with BFA, Specialised in Commercial Arts from College of Fine Arts, Davanagere. My compliments to the person whose brain generated this idea. Funny,,,,,, Neriyare Balli......i'm kinda fun loving guy. love chatting with females,dont mind smalltime relations, at present very happy with life!! He married my mother in 1955 in Managalore, both my parents are now dead, however I am interested in finding out more about the birth place of my parents and meeting other people who share a similar interest. I can visit this site whenever I become nostalgic Iam so happy to see all the "urudakulu" doing so well around the world. Although mangalore is not my place of birth it is the place to live which i have enjoyed living for 30 years. Email: [email protected] Everybody I am Shivram Kotari a native of Kamalashile,(Kundapur) where there is a famous temple of Sri Brahmi Durga Parameshwari Devi. HATS OFF TO THE PERSOIN WHO HAD THIUS IDEA OF A WEBSITE. Absolute heaven on earth if you know the right places to hang out.This will lead to a formation of a Divine Collectivity which shall work towards transforming this world and taking the whole of it into the Kingdom of God. But Mangalore, One of the highest literacy rate, and having such a pathetical stage??

For details visit : Great, Great,now i can be anywhere in the world n still be in touch with my beloved kudla/mangalore.i hav spent two wonderful yrs at mangalore n hav many cousins n relatives over there. Is that too much education makes us not to think about cleanliness or All Mangaloreans are too busy in driving away power plants or become too much love to environment and all these flies have become part of the SAVE ENVIRONMENT campaign?? Profession: Auto CAD/Graphic Specialist School : Technical High School, Kasaragod.

Mangalore has a special place in my heart n it is great to see the city of swaying palms,backwaters,glistening white sands of thaneerbavi on the web. SARDAR PATEL HIGH SCHOOL-Rajajinagar, BANGALORE,1988 College : M. 1987 College : Industrial Training Institute, Kasaragod.

I am also nostalgic about Ideal icecreams, Hao-Hao for chinese food,juice junction for wonderful juices n bhel puri,kadri park for the sunday fashion parades,wow (breathless) what a place.i hope the city retains its old world charm along with all the new glistening highrises,and remains the same wonderful small town caught in a time warp. 1989 Degree : Auto CAD, Multimedia courses from AICS, Aloysius College 1994Hey you great! I would like to hear from other kudla-ites from around the globe about the possibility of publishing books (well written/well produced quality publications) on Mangalore/DK and Udipi districts and do a good documentary film as well. Anybody is welcome to send me email and share your ideas and experiences.

regards to all Sai - SDMHi All, It is very nice to be a member of mangalore net. Here in Dubai there are many Resturants/Hotels belongs to Mangaloreans. This is because Mangalore culture , education & business background. Profession: Child Psychologist School : Milagres High School, Kallianpura, Udupi Taluk College : School of Social Work, Mangalore, University of West Indies, Jamaica, W. Only in America..we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight... T, MECH, BANGALORE,1994Thrilled to locate this website. Let us always contribute something for our Mangalore for its future alround developments . To all Mangalorians my sincere request, Instead of making lots of hulla gulla on environment and industry etc. Mangalore has become notorious for Malaria and other diseases.

I like to make friends So, please update your's friends list " Hi Every body" BEST OF LUCK JAI D. Always visited Mangalore and continue to do so even now whenever I visit India. Though I grew up in Bangalore, my most beautiful memories are of the moments spent in my native place amongst all my favourite people, during the summer holidays. Now I am really missing the kadri park, tannirubavi beach, Fresh Charrmuri with Sugarcane Juice ohhhhh what a taste and lot of friends. Profession: Purchasing Manager School : Pejavara High School, Kalavar, Mangalore - 1972 College : Burhani College of Commerce & Arts, Mazgaon, Bombay-10 - 1977 Degree : Burhani College of Commerce & Arts, mazgaon, Bombay-10 - 1980hai. Mangalooru/udupi 'adige' is quite famous among my friends(possibly all over the world !! Anybody who knows me from Milagres, Aloysius, Agnes, Carmel, please e-mail me. Only in America..people order double cheese burgers, a large fry, and a diet coke... W.(1965); MBAI love mangalore very much only we lack in infrastructure. I love people who are frank and straight forward...... Born in Shirva Working in Kuwait in Adan Hospital M. I am from Kundapur taluk of Dakshina kanada, I am a compuere engineer working in Mumbai since 1995.

My father, migrated to Pakistan at the time of independence. Sanjay Inviting all persons who are members known over the years and not been able to maintain contact. For students like me,it provides for a platform to meet our seniors who have achieved a lot and by whose experiance and blessings we may prosper.