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Updating courses

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Refer to NWCG National Fire Equipment System Catalog Part 2: Publications at for additional ordering information.

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In lieu of using the slides 14 – 24 of the current Power Point presentation it is suggested the instructor display the Behave program and demonstrate the solution to the students in the actual software.Course Updates are designed to inform course coordinators and instructors of new or changing information related to the NWCG curriculum. The first is a General Course Update which will apply to multiple courses or a large segment of the NWCG curriculum such as the removal of a reference document from the Products Management System (PMS).The second is a course specific update that only applies to specific elements of a course such as the instructor guide or the final exam.This will not have an effect on the answer key found on the course materials CD.A-111 Flight Payment Documents has been removed as a requirement for completing the D-312 pre-course work.Question #5 in the D-312 pre-course work has been updated as follow: The information contained in the D-312 Instructors Guide (NFES 1587) and on the D-312 Course Materials CD (NFES 1588) have not been updated with the above information.

When hosting/instructing this course use the information found on on the D-312 pre-course work page.(9/2014) Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) Optional Training Materials Optional training materials have been developed to enhance student understanding of the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS).

All course updates are intended to enhance student learning and keep the content of the NWCG courses current.

Course update information will be incorporated into the curriculum as courses are revised if it is still applicable.

All radio equipment and radio frequency use for the course (classroom simulations, field exercises, course logistics, etc.) requires specific authorization and must be coordinated and assigned through the local agency frequency coordinator or the Communications Duty Officer at the NIFC National Interagency Incident Communications Division, as appropriate.

Radio equipment and frequencies for training should be requested well in advance of course start date (at least two months) and shall be released/returned to the issuing entity upon course conclusion.

The Expanded Dispatch Job Aid (PMS 312, NFES 2400) referenced in Appendix A, Unit 0, Unit 1 and Unit 2 has been removed from the Publications Management System.