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Make a pinhole (the size of a drawing pin) in the centre of this circle.

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With care they can also be laminated to make a flat screen (although the shower curtain material sometimes melts!A source told The Sun: "The cast of the show is huge, and bosses are thinking they’ve got some people adding nothing to the show, while the rest of the cast bring huge storylines and loads of emotional, drama-packed scenes." They also suggested that some of the stars were only using the TV show in order to make money and build their image.Apparently, old favourites like Chloe Sims, Gemma Collins and James Lock are all safe, because they've been honest about their lives on camera.) Take the lid off a shoebox and cut two holes at each end, one oval or rectangular (wide enough for both eyes to see through), the other circular and the size of your magnifying glass.(It sometimes takes quite a bit of scissor work to cut through the card!They come in various strengths, measured in 'diopters' shown as: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, or 4 Knowing these strengths is handy as we can buy the lenses which are appropriate to the obscura we are building.

1 focusses at 90cm (used in the room obscura) 4 focusses at 26cm (used in the I-scura) The other strengths of diopter lenses focus on a sliding scale between these. Traditionally people try to project the image onto a wall.

Reading glasses - for use in I-scura and Room obscuras.

Cheap reading glasses can be bought for a few pounds in similar 'pound' shops.

The earliest form of 'photography' and use of a pinhole was the camera obscura (latin for 'better than the telly').

From 1500 AD onwards lenses replaced the hole but still formed an inverted image.

"Gemma always pours her heart out on the show, and Chloe’s had very emotional scenes this series.